Monday, 21 December 2009

I like the way

Your hair slightly sits above your eyebrow
And gathered
To frame your jokey smokey gaze
I like the way your
Cheeky reflection
Turns my staring
Into haze

I kind of love your naughty ways

I really like the amount of attention you
Put aside
Never does It slip or slide
Away from me
I like the way I can feel
And know it is only me
You see
Sometimes I wonder what it means

You have me caught in thoughts obscene

It doesn’t matter what it means

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Morning wood.....

May I stroke and kiss your wrinkled brow
Can I brush my lips down your prickly cheek
Can I smell your beautiful neck
And down your shirt may I take a peek

May I lick you now
Can I stroke your beating chest
Can I ease my hand upon you
And make you purr to ease your rest

Or at best
May I kiss you

Sunday, 29 November 2009


I told my feet if they didn’t mind
I had no desire to share
My life with them.
I also told this to my thighs
My elbows
Then my hair
And my toothless smile
And then

I sympathetically explained
The need for this
Bizarre remove.
The emptiness
The girly necessity
Of my smooth
It would be pure obsequies
In this groove

So I cut my nasal hair
And styled them into
A pencil moustache
Along with hairs from
My recently lady shaved
It does have an element
Of class

I sneezed
And ruined the dream
Of becoming Henry
I had great plans for him
And me
I guess I’ll just stay as
The Henry
That will never
be seen

Friday, 27 November 2009


I don’t know why she turned
I felt she was gifted to me
I said something
And obviously

But still she negates me
My advances still lay bare
Of which she denies me
Sometimes I wish I cared
As much …she
Disclaims me

Unidentified me
Imagines I’m not there
Lays bare
No longer cares
But plays

Cunt she
Then at least
I’ll no
and go back to being me...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bitches need not apply

Be honest
Not with me
But yourself
Speak truthfully
That game you play
With subtle smile
And glossy eyes
Why do you compete
With me?
Because of him?
That helped create
This crass display

Don’t hold my hand
And laugh with me
Finding false alliance
With my plights
They weren’t there
For you to use now
Our friendships
Lost its sight
Why when
You turn away
You look at me with disbelief
With my response
Now do I seem impolite?

I once held you
Like my child
My sister
My lover
As I would hold myself
Your turning face
Makes me cold
Your emptiness
From what we once had
Now makes you
Feel more established
Your stolen confidence
Makes you bold
Or so you’re told

You are a woman
And as a woman
You should stand by me
And never falter
From the love you
You should naturally
Hold for me
You are a woman
And you should
Lay down your life
In order to protect me
We should stand as us
And not alone
It should never
Be just me
For as women
We are we…

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Candles arn't so bad....

I felt depressed
So I bought a purple dildo
And a stripy duvet set
I felt so troubled
About my rising debt

I felt slightly pissed off
That the lecky man
Was going to turn off my juice
Can’t believe the trouble I’m in
I turned my duvet set into a noose

I hung my duvet noose
Over a cottage beam
What a stylish way to go
But as I stood on my Ikea Evert stool
The bloody ceiling was too low

Pulled my Soya ice-cream
Out the leaking freezer
And I lay in my low ceiling room
Wished I hadn’t chucked my cutlery out
So I used my dildo as a spoon

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mail order lovers

As a teenager,
I couldn’t pull to save my life.
As an adult
not one man was interested
In making me his wife.

But laying in bed at forty
With my laptop rested
On my stretched marked gut,
I hit the return key twice
And I get fucked…..

Why thank you Microsoft
Why thank you very very much...

Achieved the dream....

My cheeks have been soggy all day
I keep drying them with the backs of my hand
But they in turn glisten
I wipe them on my thighs

I decided to get in the bath instead…it was easier
And it was devoid of opinion
For this I was thankful for a while
Until it rid me of moisture

Stretched marked and wrinkled in the mirror
Is this me at forty? Imperturbable was the reply
My feet flaked, my eyes inconclusive
But this is what I ordered

My limerence has defected
Not even for my reflection is it chanced
I’ve achieved the dream
At last

Thursday, 8 October 2009

No need for flowers....

Don’t you hate that serious poetry

Organised lines and overcompensated mean

When people wank on about the trees

With gentle kiss

And flowing hair

Where babies lie…with one eyed bears.

Don’t you hate the gentle flow of streams

A sensuous touch above the knee

A sunlit room

A moon beam glow

A smoked filled sunbeam all on show

My world doesn’t move me so

I don’t want to hear broken bodies die

Nor wonder of the movement in her eyes

Or simmer

As my heart doth cry.

When does anyone feel better

That I reveal

The tenderness

of their Achilles heal?


talk of



have a fuck

Don’t thank me for my gentle touch

Grab hold of me, grab hold my hair

Push me and thrust till I feel fear

Make me sweat as your voice rasps in my ear

You’ll hear me scream ……when you remove your touch

You’ll feel me gush

As you release your clutch

As I fall to my side

As my pussy withdraws

No coercive rain

To know I’m yours

Between my legs

Just lay your head

For this is the place we shall call

Our bed

Can’t see the stars or the swirling night

I’m breathing heavily

Our sexual delight

As I lay

As we lay in our crumpled state

The morning will come

And we shall simply


Monday, 14 September 2009

She’s a beautiful baby girl…..

Do you mind if you don’t stay?

Is it ok that we don’t kiss

You’ll understand that I don’t care

Your absence shan’t be missed.

Don’t leave anything behind

Don’t seek to get attached

My heart will not release

Be happy with my snatch.

Please don’t whisper in my ear

Don’t stroke or touch my cheek

Stop smiling at me now

I find you sadly weak.

Your cabs here, on you go

Don’t look back, no longing gaze

I’m sure I’ve said before

I don’t do that love struck haze.

When he touches me I shudder

When he’s in me my body cries

Just knowing I carry his baby

A part of me slowly dies

And dies

And dies

And dies

Now ask me why?

My love My big_diel

We wait with bated breath…wondering at what splendor is to come…The splendor of the female form, revealed to our longing gaze. Eyes turn, hearts melt and longings are released from hiding

And once our minds remove our former selves from wanting, then intelligence of touch can exist and remain, brushing our very being

Allowing our deepest souls to escape and revel in the freedom of love, the want of desire

But why make the excuse of love? Let’s touch further the movement life can give. My voice tingles at the possibility of us…now

Wavering souls twirl and dance…reaching and retreating, fearing the embrace of love, but longing for it so

Just to see him makes me want to crawl on the forest floor to be near him, to breathe his skin, his sweat, his name. I am lost

I am lost in her gaze, but in that loss I find something more. A spark, a promise

Sunday, 2 August 2009

The secret of life....(written on the toilet)

I have no blame
For the shame
Of my attitude,
I am without doubt
The cause
of my loss,
I have no care
For my irrational
And I can
Assure you
I don't give
A toss...

I don't give a damn
For your senseless
I have no time
To explain
My revolt.
I don't give two shits
If they don't
Understand me
The lack of
Their fault..

What want do I have
To mislead
And misguide them,
I have no reason
To disillusion
Them so.
I've taken myself
Out of this world
They are living
They are

There is no hate
In my world
And my planet,
There is no cruelty
no fights
for no one.
I am living in
Peace and
I look up and
I smile
At the

I am glad
There's no cure
For such madness
I am glad
For this madness
i'm in
Thank life for
The fool you
Have turned me
I know the secret
I'm the one
With the

OH BOB !!!

Remember that man
I told of before?
Well he came to my house
And knocked on the door.
I went to my door
Which was made out of glass
I looked down below
And saw his white ass.
When he turned around
I grabbed hold of his knob
He said in a high voice
'That his name was Bob'
I let go of his knob
And said 'I was sorry'
Tears cleared from his eyes
And he said 'not to worry'.
'Can I help you'? I said
With a grin on my face
He said 'I wonder if
I may enter your place'?
I said 'I love naked men
Roam in my home'
He said 'I want your sex'
In a very low tone.
When I finished laughing
And got off the floor
I noticed the naked man
Wasn't there anymore
I checked all the rooms
Where I thought he would hide
Then I sat on the stairs
And let out a sigh
What a fool that I was
To have laughed at him so
But I didn't realise
The bastard would go
Up to this day
I still think of Bob
And wish, oh I wish
I kept hold of his Knob..!!


A burning feeling deep inside
Something no one can surely hide
Feeling tense and feeling mean
Wanting to let out the steam
Want to kick and want to fight
Brew and scheme your plan at night
Revenge is sweet
Let the steam out cool the heat
Nothing is much worse in fate
Than to revenge
And let out hate...


Touch the part you think is me
with your voice.
Hold it a moment
mould it awhile
to more than it can be.
Give it willing, produce no challenge
to bemuse or confuse.

Take the negative and help me to banish it
from true sight
Do not compare to things that seemed
better thats passed
But make it complete by trying
to excel it to new heights.

Take it for my word
Allow it no regret
Bring it to your heart
Give it stay and not forget
Believe the feel you feel,
Wash away the doubt with pace
grant me this one wish
then please leave without a trace

To sustain will be too false
To pretend has too much pain
one life one love is all
I will
Not you

If God made me

If God made me
in the image
of himself

Then God is now weeping
And I'm left
on the shelf