Monday, 14 September 2009

She’s a beautiful baby girl…..

Do you mind if you don’t stay?

Is it ok that we don’t kiss

You’ll understand that I don’t care

Your absence shan’t be missed.

Don’t leave anything behind

Don’t seek to get attached

My heart will not release

Be happy with my snatch.

Please don’t whisper in my ear

Don’t stroke or touch my cheek

Stop smiling at me now

I find you sadly weak.

Your cabs here, on you go

Don’t look back, no longing gaze

I’m sure I’ve said before

I don’t do that love struck haze.

When he touches me I shudder

When he’s in me my body cries

Just knowing I carry his baby

A part of me slowly dies

And dies

And dies

And dies

Now ask me why?

My love My big_diel

We wait with bated breath…wondering at what splendor is to come…The splendor of the female form, revealed to our longing gaze. Eyes turn, hearts melt and longings are released from hiding

And once our minds remove our former selves from wanting, then intelligence of touch can exist and remain, brushing our very being

Allowing our deepest souls to escape and revel in the freedom of love, the want of desire

But why make the excuse of love? Let’s touch further the movement life can give. My voice tingles at the possibility of us…now

Wavering souls twirl and dance…reaching and retreating, fearing the embrace of love, but longing for it so

Just to see him makes me want to crawl on the forest floor to be near him, to breathe his skin, his sweat, his name. I am lost

I am lost in her gaze, but in that loss I find something more. A spark, a promise