Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bitches need not apply

Be honest
Not with me
But yourself
Speak truthfully
That game you play
With subtle smile
And glossy eyes
Why do you compete
With me?
Because of him?
That helped create
This crass display

Don’t hold my hand
And laugh with me
Finding false alliance
With my plights
They weren’t there
For you to use now
Our friendships
Lost its sight
Why when
You turn away
You look at me with disbelief
With my response
Now do I seem impolite?

I once held you
Like my child
My sister
My lover
As I would hold myself
Your turning face
Makes me cold
Your emptiness
From what we once had
Now makes you
Feel more established
Your stolen confidence
Makes you bold
Or so you’re told

You are a woman
And as a woman
You should stand by me
And never falter
From the love you
You should naturally
Hold for me
You are a woman
And you should
Lay down your life
In order to protect me
We should stand as us
And not alone
It should never
Be just me
For as women
We are we…

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Candles arn't so bad....

I felt depressed
So I bought a purple dildo
And a stripy duvet set
I felt so troubled
About my rising debt

I felt slightly pissed off
That the lecky man
Was going to turn off my juice
Can’t believe the trouble I’m in
I turned my duvet set into a noose

I hung my duvet noose
Over a cottage beam
What a stylish way to go
But as I stood on my Ikea Evert stool
The bloody ceiling was too low

Pulled my Soya ice-cream
Out the leaking freezer
And I lay in my low ceiling room
Wished I hadn’t chucked my cutlery out
So I used my dildo as a spoon

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mail order lovers

As a teenager,
I couldn’t pull to save my life.
As an adult
not one man was interested
In making me his wife.

But laying in bed at forty
With my laptop rested
On my stretched marked gut,
I hit the return key twice
And I get fucked…..

Why thank you Microsoft
Why thank you very very much...

Achieved the dream....

My cheeks have been soggy all day
I keep drying them with the backs of my hand
But they in turn glisten
I wipe them on my thighs

I decided to get in the bath instead…it was easier
And it was devoid of opinion
For this I was thankful for a while
Until it rid me of moisture

Stretched marked and wrinkled in the mirror
Is this me at forty? Imperturbable was the reply
My feet flaked, my eyes inconclusive
But this is what I ordered

My limerence has defected
Not even for my reflection is it chanced
I’ve achieved the dream
At last

Thursday, 8 October 2009

No need for flowers....

Don’t you hate that serious poetry

Organised lines and overcompensated mean

When people wank on about the trees

With gentle kiss

And flowing hair

Where babies lie…with one eyed bears.

Don’t you hate the gentle flow of streams

A sensuous touch above the knee

A sunlit room

A moon beam glow

A smoked filled sunbeam all on show

My world doesn’t move me so

I don’t want to hear broken bodies die

Nor wonder of the movement in her eyes

Or simmer

As my heart doth cry.

When does anyone feel better

That I reveal

The tenderness

of their Achilles heal?


talk of



have a fuck

Don’t thank me for my gentle touch

Grab hold of me, grab hold my hair

Push me and thrust till I feel fear

Make me sweat as your voice rasps in my ear

You’ll hear me scream ……when you remove your touch

You’ll feel me gush

As you release your clutch

As I fall to my side

As my pussy withdraws

No coercive rain

To know I’m yours

Between my legs

Just lay your head

For this is the place we shall call

Our bed

Can’t see the stars or the swirling night

I’m breathing heavily

Our sexual delight

As I lay

As we lay in our crumpled state

The morning will come

And we shall simply