Monday, 21 December 2009

I like the way

Your hair slightly sits above your eyebrow
And gathered
To frame your jokey smokey gaze
I like the way your
Cheeky reflection
Turns my staring
Into haze

I kind of love your naughty ways

I really like the amount of attention you
Put aside
Never does It slip or slide
Away from me
I like the way I can feel
And know it is only me
You see
Sometimes I wonder what it means

You have me caught in thoughts obscene

It doesn’t matter what it means

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Morning wood.....

May I stroke and kiss your wrinkled brow
Can I brush my lips down your prickly cheek
Can I smell your beautiful neck
And down your shirt may I take a peek

May I lick you now
Can I stroke your beating chest
Can I ease my hand upon you
And make you purr to ease your rest

Or at best
May I kiss you