Sunday, 2 August 2009

The secret of life....(written on the toilet)

I have no blame
For the shame
Of my attitude,
I am without doubt
The cause
of my loss,
I have no care
For my irrational
And I can
Assure you
I don't give
A toss...

I don't give a damn
For your senseless
I have no time
To explain
My revolt.
I don't give two shits
If they don't
Understand me
The lack of
Their fault..

What want do I have
To mislead
And misguide them,
I have no reason
To disillusion
Them so.
I've taken myself
Out of this world
They are living
They are

There is no hate
In my world
And my planet,
There is no cruelty
no fights
for no one.
I am living in
Peace and
I look up and
I smile
At the

I am glad
There's no cure
For such madness
I am glad
For this madness
i'm in
Thank life for
The fool you
Have turned me
I know the secret
I'm the one
With the

OH BOB !!!

Remember that man
I told of before?
Well he came to my house
And knocked on the door.
I went to my door
Which was made out of glass
I looked down below
And saw his white ass.
When he turned around
I grabbed hold of his knob
He said in a high voice
'That his name was Bob'
I let go of his knob
And said 'I was sorry'
Tears cleared from his eyes
And he said 'not to worry'.
'Can I help you'? I said
With a grin on my face
He said 'I wonder if
I may enter your place'?
I said 'I love naked men
Roam in my home'
He said 'I want your sex'
In a very low tone.
When I finished laughing
And got off the floor
I noticed the naked man
Wasn't there anymore
I checked all the rooms
Where I thought he would hide
Then I sat on the stairs
And let out a sigh
What a fool that I was
To have laughed at him so
But I didn't realise
The bastard would go
Up to this day
I still think of Bob
And wish, oh I wish
I kept hold of his Knob..!!


A burning feeling deep inside
Something no one can surely hide
Feeling tense and feeling mean
Wanting to let out the steam
Want to kick and want to fight
Brew and scheme your plan at night
Revenge is sweet
Let the steam out cool the heat
Nothing is much worse in fate
Than to revenge
And let out hate...


Touch the part you think is me
with your voice.
Hold it a moment
mould it awhile
to more than it can be.
Give it willing, produce no challenge
to bemuse or confuse.

Take the negative and help me to banish it
from true sight
Do not compare to things that seemed
better thats passed
But make it complete by trying
to excel it to new heights.

Take it for my word
Allow it no regret
Bring it to your heart
Give it stay and not forget
Believe the feel you feel,
Wash away the doubt with pace
grant me this one wish
then please leave without a trace

To sustain will be too false
To pretend has too much pain
one life one love is all
I will
Not you

If God made me

If God made me
in the image
of himself

Then God is now weeping
And I'm left
on the shelf